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Just World Belief and Victim Blaming

By Alicia DeVault, B.S., and Martha-Elin Blomquist, Ph.D. Media coverage of recent events such as campus sexual assaults and officer-involved shootings brings to light a topic that is not often discussed: victim blaming. Victim blaming can be defined as holding … Continue reading

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Overhaul the Juvenile Justice System: Accountability without Criminalization

A new federally commissioned report led by University of Virginia law professor Richard Bonnie lays out a blueprint to reform the nation’s juvenile justice system to better hold youth offenders accountable, prevent recidivism and ensure adolescent offenders are treated fairly. The report, … Continue reading

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Trauma Sensitive Schools are Better Schools

I am always struck by the fact that sometimes the most obvious solutions to “problems” with kids are the most effective but also the most likely not to be considered.  For instance, the concept that adolescents act out, cuss, throw things, … Continue reading

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Juvenile Miranda Warnings: Perfunctory Rituals or Procedural Safeguards?

The title of this post is the title of a new paper by Dr. Richard Rogers et al., which appears in the March 2012 issue of Criminal Justice and Behavior.  Here is the abstract: The American Bar Association, via its … Continue reading

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