Recommended Juvenile Justice Reading around the Web

readersNearly on a daily basis, there are excellent long form articles and other stories on juvenile justice-related topics on the web.  I try to keep up via several sources, including my Twitter feed (yes, if you’re not on Twitter and following youth/juvenile advocates, you should be), a daily email newsletter from Andrew Cohen of the Marshall Project, the Juvenile Justice Information Exchange site, and my own meanderings.  Here are some samples of worthwhile reads/listens from the past week or so:

  • Sarah Stillman writes in The New Yorker about the profound damage done by the sex offender registry on youth (including those under 12 years old);
  • Eli Hager of the Marshall Project explores why there are still 80 youth prisons in the U.S. housing more than 36K young people;
  • Nikole Hannah-Jones reports on This American Life on a school district that accidentally stumbled on an integration program — it just so happens to be on the border of Ferguson, Missouri, and the district includes the high school that Michael Brown attended.

What have I missed?  Please share in the comments.

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