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Not So Well-Regulated Militias in Schools

Written by Jason Langberg Would you want armed former cops and soldiers patrolling your office? Your supermarket? Your place of worship? I wouldn’t. So why are policymakers putting them in schools? Can’t we all agree that schools should be supportive, … Continue reading

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First Year Law Students, A Civil Action and Procedural Justice

I am very excited about our incoming 1L class to Carolina Law.  As the chair of the admissions committee this past year, I had the opportunity to speak with many of our admitted students, and they are a bright, dynamic, … Continue reading

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Worse than Making Sausages

When I first moved to North Carolina nine years ago, I remember being shocked when I learned that juvenile court jurisdiction ended at age 16 for all purposes and with no exceptions.  This means that if your 16-year-old son or … Continue reading

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Clinical Legal Education and the Future of the Academy

I may be naive, but it’s mystifying to me that there’s still serious debate over the value and import of clinical legal education.  I admit that I’m not an objective observer — participating in a clinic as a law student … Continue reading

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The Poor are Still Losing: Gideon’s Empty Promise

This past weekend I spent some time thinking about the future of indigent public defense and what role, if any, defense lawyers can play in a system beset by racism and classism.  First, I read a provocative essay by Paul … Continue reading

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Join Me at PrawfsBlawg This Month!

Dan Markel (Florida State University Law School) has been asking me for years to guest blog on the always-interesting law professor blog, PrawfsBlawg.  Knowing that I’ll never have the time until I make the time, I finally agreed to join in … Continue reading

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