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cropped-courtroom-art3Earlier this week I received an email from Kaarin Lueck, public defender in Richmond, Indiana, and nationally-known expert in juvenile delinquency and criminal defense.  She very kindly shared the following:

Prof. Birckhead:

I felt compelled to reach out to thank you for inspiring me to start a juvenile delinquency blog for Indiana.  There really is so little nationally available to keep folks up to speed on developments in juvenile delinquency law, and certainly nothing for Indiana.  It has been a fun adventure and it is three months old today.  It is already being followed by judges, public defenders, prosecutors, legislators, advocates, and regular folks.  My blog post for tomorrow will feature your series on delinquency and poverty.

I hope we meet along the way, perhaps at a National Juvenile Defender Center Leadership Summit.

Kaarin Lueck

As the first year anniversary of this Juvenile Justice Blog approaches, I was particularly heartened to receive this message, and I encourage everyone to check out Kaarin’s blog, Indiana Juvenile Justice Blog.  It’s chock full of great information that is relevant not only for those who practice in Indiana but for anyone who cares about children and the courts.  Kaarin already has put up over 70 posts (!) and I’m honored that one of them focuses on my work on the disproportionate representation of low-income children in the delinquency system.  You may follow the blog’s posts as a subscriber, via Twitter and Facebook.

I’m hoping that this is the beginning of a national trend!  Good luck to Kaarin Lueck and thanks in advance for helping to spread the word about these critically-important issues.

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