Ending the School-to-Prison Pipeline: Senate Subcommittee Hearing




As many of you know, yesterday the U.S. Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on the

Constitution, Civil Rights and Human Rights held a hearing on ending the school-to-prison pipeline.

A full webcast of the hearing, which was chaired by Senator Dick Durbin, in addition to PDFs of all the testimony provided may be accessed here.

This is the list of witnesses:

Hearing before the Senate Committee on the Judiciary Subcommittee on the Constitution, Civil Rights and Human Rights

Panel I

The Honorable Deborah Delisle Assistant Secretary for Elementary and Secondary Education U.S. Department of Education Washington, DC

Melodee Hanes Acting Administrator Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention U.S. Department of Justice Washington, DC

Panel II

The Honorable Michael DeWine Attorney General for the State of Ohio Columbus, OH

The Honorable Steven Teske Chief Judge Juvenile Court of Clayton County, GA Jonesboro, GA

Judith Browne Dianis Co-Director Advancement Project Washington, DC

Andrew Coulson Director of the Center for Educational Freedom Cato Institute Washington, DC

Edward Ward Blocks Together Dignity in Schools Campaign Chicago, IL

 Also, the Advancement Project has circulated the news that testimony will continue to be accepted by the Senate Subcommittee on this issue through December 19th.

Here are the details:

Help dismantle the School-to-Prison Pipeline! This is a great opportunity to submit written testimony for the Congressional record.  Share your own experience or provide contextual background information to help the Senate understand the problem facing the youth in our nation. Beyond educating Committee members on the issue, the hearing is an opportunity to show community concern and elevate the School-to-Prison Pipeline in the national dialogues around education and criminal justice reform. The subcommittee wants to hear YOUR voice, so share your story to help end the School-to-Prison Pipeline!

Statements are due no later than Wednesday, December 19, 2012 at 5:00PM.

 Statements should be emailed to Stephanie Trifone at Stephanie_Trifone@Judiciary-dem.Senate.gov as soon as possible, please also cc Scott Roberts, SRoberts@advancementproject.org 

To submit your testimony, simply share your personal story in an email to Stephanie_Trifone@Judiciary-dem.Senate.gov (cc Scott Roberts, SRoberts@advancementproject.org).  Click here to download our testimony template to share your story – just fill in your name and address, add your story, and send it off – or craft your own statement to share with Congress.  Statements should be no longer than ten (10) pages but brevity is strongly recommended. Share the facts of your experience and how it made you feel. 

INDIVIDUALS: Think about how this changed your life and how it made you feel about school.  Help the Senate understand what you experience has been.

ORGANIZATIONS: Help provide context to the problem facing our nation.  Share the stories from the community in your backyard and those that you work with.

You can read the announcement of the Senate hearing here, but know that your voice needs to be heard.  Tell the Senate that Zero Tolerance is not the answer and that we should be working to keep our youth in schools and not in jail.  All youth should have the opportunity to succeed!

As regular readers of this blog know, this is an issue that is very important to me and is one that I’ve written about extensively — both in the popular press as well as in my legal scholarship.

Thoughts on the school-to-prison pipeline?  Please share in the comments.


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