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During my years in academia, I’ve tried to keep up with the latest legal scholarship written in the area of juvenile justice by subscribing to relevant eJournals through the Social Science Research Network, subject-matter email alerts through Lexis, and weekly doctrine-specific SmartCLIPS from the law library at the University of Washington.  Having an understanding of the pre-existing literature is essential when I begin researching a new law review article.  This process has become even more critical since I began co-editing a casebook on juvenile courts and delinquency, as it informs which articles and case law we include in the text as well as the notes and questions that follow.

Here is a typical selection of the types of articles that come across my desk each week.  While most of them are available via Lexis, Westlaw, or HeinOnline, I encourage those without access to these services to check the websites of the journals themselves, as they often have PDFs of articles in their recent issues available for free download.

Ayanna, Ariel. From children’s interests to parental responsibility: degendering parenthood through custodial obligation. 19 UCLA Women’s L.J. 1-60 (2012).

Bannon, Elizabeth. Note. A look at In re Fabian A.: examining the extension of due process protections and failure to object as waiver in the juvenile justice system. (In re Fabian A., 941 A.2d 411, 2008.) 11 Conn. Pub. Int. L.J. 163-181 (2011).

Bridges, Nicole K. Note. The “Strengthen and Vitalize Enforcement of Child Support (SAVE Child Support) Act”: can the SAVE Child Support Act save child support from the recent economic downturn? 36 Okla. City U. L. Rev. 679-712 (2011).

Buss, Emily. The gap in law between developmental expectations and educational obligations. 79 U. Chi. L. Rev. 59-81 (2012).

Caldwell, Beth. Twenty-Five to Life for Adolescent Mistakes: Juvenile Strikes as Cruel and Unusual Punishment, 46 U.S.F. L. Rev. 581 (2012).

Marcum, Tanya M., Charles R. Stoner and Sandra J. Perry. Reframing the mediation lens: the call for a situational style of mediation. 36 S. Ill. U. L.J. 317-334 (2012).

Olivares, Mariela. The impact of recessionary politics on Latino-American and immigrant families: SCHIP success and DREAM Act failure. 55 How. L.J. 359-391 (2012).

Scott, P. Mars. Not the Cleavers anymore: third-party parental interests in minor children and the evolving American family. 73 Mont. L. Rev. 97-122 (2012).

Walther, Benjamin. Comment. Cyberbullying: holding grownups liable for negligent entrustment. 49 Hous. L. Rev. 531-562 (2012).

The following articles are from a Special Issue on Adolescent Decision Making in the Journal of Health Care Law & Policy:

Roundtable on Adolescent Decision Making. 15 J. Health Care L. & Pol’y 1-172 (2012).

Pustilnik, Amanda C. and Leslie Meltzer Henry. Introduction: adolescent medical decision making and the law of the horse. 15 J. Health Care L. & Pol’y 1-14 (2012).

Baird, Abigail A., Christy L. Barrow and Molly K. Richard. Juvenile neurolaw: when it’s good it is very good indeed, and when it’s bad it’s horrid. 15 J. Health Care L. & Pol’y 15-35 (2012).

Hill, B. Jessie. Medical decision making by and on behalf of adolescents: reconsidering first principles. 15 J. Health Care L. & Pol’y 37-73 (2012).

Boldt, Richard C. Adolescent decision making: legal issues with respect to treatment for substance misuse and mental illness. 15 J. Health Care L. & Pol’y 75-115 (2012).

Unguru, Dr. Yoram. Decision making for children with life-limiting illnesses: a clinical approach. 15 J. Health Care L. & Pol’y 117-128 (2012).

Ouellette, Alicia. Body modification and adolescent decision making: proceed with caution. 15 J. Health Care L. & Pol’y 129-156 (2012).

O’Connor, Dan. A choice to which adolescents should not be exposed: cosmetic surgery as satire. 15 J. Health Care L. & Pol’y 157-172 (2012).

How do you keep on top of what is being written about juvenile law and delinquency?  Please share in the comments.

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