Miller v. Alabama Coverage Roundup: Updated 7.7.12

There has been extensive media coverage and commentary following the Miller v. Alabama Supreme Court decision that struck down mandatory JLWOP.  Having canvassed a good bit of the articles, posts, etc., I thought I would share several items that are representative of what’s out there as well as a few that I consider particularly interesting.


Supreme Court Ruling on Life Sentences for Young Criminals: Christian Science Monitor

Juvenile Murderers and Justice, L.A. Times

Children in Prison for Life: New York Times

Long Life in Prison: News & Record (Greensboro, N.C.)

News Analysis:

Ethan Bronner, Sentencing Ruling Reflects Rethinking on Juvenile Justice, New York Times

Eric Ferkenhoff, Justices’ Ruling on Young Killers Eases Anxiety for some Experts, The Chicago Bureau


Andrew Cohen, If you think Monday was bad at the Supreme Court…, The Atlantic

Wendy Kaminer, Juvenile Sentencing: Alito’s Misguided Dissent, The Atlantic

John Lash, The Human Cost of Juvenile Life Sentences, Juvenile Justice Information Exchange

Joy Moses, Mandatory Life without the Possibility of Parole for Juveniles is Unconstitutional, Center for American Progress

Jody Rosenblum, Court’s Wise Ruling Balances Public Safety, Redemption, Star Tribune (Minneapolis, MN)

David Tanenhaus, The Roberts Court’s Liberal Turn on Juvenile Justice, New York Times

George Will, Shall we lock up a child and throw away the key? Washington Post

Jonathan Zimmerman, ‘Elite’ Supreme Court Sides with Science and Juveniles, Christian Science Monitor


Rachel Aviv, A Cruel and Unusual Sentence for a Fourteen-Year-Old Murderer, The New Yorker

Emily Bazelon, The justices seem to understand that juveniles are not like the rest of us, Slate

Doug Berman, Sentencing Law & Policy Blog (multiple columns)

Dwayne Betts, A Former Teenage Carjacker Reflects on Supreme Court Ruling in Miller v. Alabama, The Daily Beast

Jeanne Bishop & Mark Osler, Time to Deal on Life Sentences for Kids, CNN

Marc DiGirolami, Rehabilitation Ascending, Mirror of Justice

David R. Dow, Don’t Believe the Hype: Supreme Court Decision on Juvenile Life without Parole is Weak, The Daily Beast

Marian Wright Edelman, See Something, Say Something, Huffington Post

James Allen Fox, Supreme Court Ruling on Juveniles is a Partial Victory, Boston Globe

Jennifer Bishop Jenkins, President of the National Organization of Victims of Juvenile Lifers, Sentencing Law & Policy Blog

Juvenile Justice: Plaintiff’s Lawyer, Victim’s Father Hail Rejection of Mandatory Life Terms for Kids, Democracy Now!

Juvenile Law Center, A Chance for Hope

Rachel Maddow Show with guest, Dahlia Lithwick (video)

Dan Markel, 20 quick reactions to the Juvie LWOP cases (Miller and Jackson), PrawfsBlawg

Larry Miller, Bias Persists in Juvenile Justice, Philadelphia Inquirer

JoAnne Page, Supreme Court and Juvenile Sentencing: More Steps Needed, The Crime Report

Richard Posner, Justices should use more than their gut and ‘brain science’ to decide a case, Slate

Radio Times with Marty Moss-Coane with guests, Marsha Levick and Laurence Steinberg (audio)

Liliana Segura, The Supreme Court Gives (Some) Juvenile Lifers a Second Chance, The Nation

Aqeela Sherills, Lifting Mandatory Life Terms for Juveniles is Right Decision, BET

Bryan Stevenson Interview, The Root

Bryan Stevenson interview, Washington Post

Reports on JLWOP:

Ashley Nellis, The Lives of Juvenile Lifers: Findings from a National Survey, The Sentencing Project

Stats by State, The Campaign for the Fair Sentencing of Youth

State by State Legal Resource Guide on JLWOP, USF School of Law

Please add your recommendations in the comments!

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